Residential Treatment Centers in Michigan

Trinity Teen Solutions - Struggling teen girl in therapy at treatment programTrinity Teen Solutions is an all-girls Residential Treatment Center that gives troubled girls from Michigan a fresh start through therapy targeted to treat the mind, body, and soul. Our Christian Boarding School provides the recovery treatment girls need for substance abuse and addiction, while addressing any mental health or behavioral concerns they may have. Though Trinity Teen Solutions may not be located in Michigan, we gladly accept girls from any state in the US.

Trinity Teen Solutions offers a ranch environment that is conducive to healing. When Michigan girls become one with nature and are no longer being pressured by their peers, they can finally gain a sense of perspective and realize how their negative behaviors are destroying their lives. Unfortunately, many adolescent girls fall victim to alcohol and drug addictions and abuse. Through our program, girls from Michigan learn to be confident and to make wise decisions that will carry them towards the future God has planned for them.

At Trinity Teen, we believe God’s creation can play a big role in healing. Through the beautiful backdrop of nature and our ranch animals, girls from Michigan learn responsibility along with how to make better choices. We utilize the latest therapy approaches such as reality, experiential, and rational emotive behavior therapies to help our girls overcome their limiting negative behaviors.

Our Christ-centered approach to counseling not only changes the way girls see themselves, but it also fosters a deeper connection with God and their family. Parents are amazed when they see the positive changes taking place in their daughter’s life and we are thrilled to be a part of the entire process.

Parents in Michigan often have questions they cannot seem to find answers to regarding the benefits of a Residential Treatment Center. We are here to answers those questions and guide parents in making the tough decisions that need to be made. Call Trinity Teen Solutions at (855) 631-4424. We are here to help!

Depression Treatment Centers for Teen Girls

Our Residential Treatment Center offers Christ-centered therapy for girls going through depression, addiction, and eating disorders. Young girls from Michigan are often subjected to peer pressure that plays a significant role in how they view themselves. This peer pressure can often lead to eating disorders and addictions that can be tremendously difficult to overcome.

Our Residential Treatment Center can help girls in Michigan learn to love themselves unconditionally. As they begin to realize Trinity Teen Solutions - Troubled teen female studying at boarding school for teenstheir value, their eyes are opened to the negative behaviors they once exhibited and how they limited them in life. Through our caring staff at Trinity Teen Solutions, we offer hope to young girls who may have temporarily lost their way. We provide cutting-edge therapy options that can truly change a girl’s direction in life, so she gets back on track.

We address the underlying mental health issues that plague young girls in Michigan and cause them to make poor life decisions they later regret. Through our program, girls learn to become respectful young ladies that allow God to lead them in their decisions so they can emerge into young women that excel in life.

No matter what troubled young girls from Michigan are going through, we are here to help. We strive to repair past hurts with the love of Christ and bring families back together as the loving unit God called them to be. Through the serene environment of our residential treatment center, girls blossom into young ladies with a purpose set on success.

Trinity Teen Solutions offers a Christian program that teaches girls to not only respect themselves and their bodies, but to also respect their parents and authority figures in their lives. We help wayward girls from Michigan learn the importance of making positive changes to create positive outcomes.

Addiction Treatment Centers for Girls

Troubled teen girls from Michigan can obtain required help through Trinity Teen Solutions Addiction Treatment Center for Girls. Treating adolescents can be challenging and usually involves more comprehensive and multidisciplinary approaches. Our Treatment Center delivers an extremely individualized approach to treatment where educational, mental, spiritual, and social needs are continually assessed throughout the treatment process.

TTS's Residential Treatment Center exists to help restore the lives of struggling youth who are in great need of change. Our program helps teenagers from Michigan to successfully achieve recovery from bad behavior by supporting them, and showing Trinity Teen Solutions - Teen girl in recovery at therapeutic boarding schoolthem how to develop a new mindset that allows for positive change. If your child suffers from self-defeating behaviors or emotional issues, our Treatment Center for Girls may offer an excellent opportunity for improvement.

Christian Residential Treatment Centers

Trinity Teen helps struggling teenage girls grow through our Christian focused residential treatment center. We are uniquely equipped for assisting teenage girls in learning qualities of leadership, responsibility, and integrity. Along with daily opportunities for spiritual growth and development, we provide individualized programs of academic study that are customized to meet the needs of each student.

TTS is dedicated to helping struggling girls from all backgrounds make successful transitions from adolescence to adulthood. If you are a parent in crisis, please call Trinity Teen Solutions at (855) 631-4424 to speak with our Admissions Counselor.


National Resources for Parents and Teens

National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP) - Simply put, NATSAP is dedicated and committed to a vision of producing a nation of healthy children. It does this via a volunteer membership that supports the efforts of professionals and programs to help troubled young people. It's important to note that NATSAP is not a referral or placement agency and does not provide oversight of member programs, based on the belief that this responsibility lies with the appropriate licensing and accrediting agencies.

Teach your child basic social skills. Kids who are outsiders are more likely to be bullied. Bullies prey on vulnerable children, including those who are so desperate for peer acceptance that they continue to hang around a group of peers even when one of the group leaders begins to mistreat them.

It isn’t enough that we tell our children we love them. We need to put our love into action every day for them to feel it.  And when we do that our kids need a lot less discipline! Over time, we earn our children’s trust by following through on the promises we make to them later, not breaking a confidence or picking them up on time.

Education Hub

Trinity Teen Solutions is dedicated to providing balanced, healthy activity. From equine therapy to focus on academics and college preparatory courses, Trinity Teen Solutions levels a home-like atmosphere at teenage girls who are at risk, and helps them overcome mental and body issues naturally, through work they can be proud of all the activities they enjoy.   Today's Media Portrays An Unrealistic Body Image The body image of a

  It hasn't always been that girls were allowed to go to college. For centuries, they were expected to stay home, like ladies—learning needlepoint, household duties, cooking and childcare. Colleges began to sprout up all over the country, but if a girl ever expressed a desire to go, she was criticized and reminded that it was no place for women. It wasn't until the late 1800’s that actual colleges—not just

What is called ADHD today may, in fact, be a gift from Him. Imagine if you had the energy now that your child gets in trouble for. The key is funneling that energy into useful activity that doesn't damage the child or those around them, and that is what Trinity Teen Solutions is all about.   Everyone Can Get Emotional Everyone gets emotional imbalances in the brain due to emotional stimuli. Everyone's a little ADHD at some p

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