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Trinity Teen Solutions - Struggling teen girl in recovery at treatment centerTrinity Teen Solutions is a top Group Home Program helping teen girls from California struggling with a variety of conditions, including depression, rebellious behavior, anxiety, anger management, drug abuse, and more. For parents of at risk teen girls, a group home can provide the therapy and treatment they need to gain a new perspective on life and undergo an amazing transformation.

As an All Girls Christian Boarding School and Therapeutic Residential Treatment Facility, Trinity Teen Solutions (TTS) teaches troubled teen girls the skills they need for recovery and sobriety at their group home. Our girls are taught about the importance of personal accountability, self-discipline, self-reliance, and self-sacrifice to ensure they thrive in a group home, as well as after returning to their personal homes.

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While teens are at TTS, we make certain they continue their education using an independent study course that is nationally accredited. Although TTS may be located outside the state of California, TTS encourages parents to consider sending their teen to a group home out of state to separate them from their friends that may be a bad influence.

In addition, being away from their peers allows girls to focus on why they are here without any distraction. This is especially true for teens engaging in self-harm. According to a study completed by Cornell University, and published on, many teens learn techniques for self-harm from their friends or the internet.

Our experienced consultants are available to assist and offer guidance to the parents of struggling teen girls. Call Trinity Teen Solutions (855)-631-4424 to begin getting your teen the assistance they need.

Group Homes for Children

For parents dealing with troubled teen girls, group homes can provide the hope, support, and services needed for their daughter to recover from various issues, including substance abuse, impulse control, depression, sexual promiscuity, and academic underachievement. As a Christian-based Boarding School and Residential Treatment Facility, Trinity Teen Solutions (TTS) is here to assist teen girls who have lost their focus.

Trinity Teen Solutions - Struggling adolescent females studying at boarding school for youthWhat is a Group Home?

Group homes are designed to provide troubled teens with constant supervision in a structured, home-like environment. In the past, group homes were limited to individuals with mental or physical handicaps. Today, this is no longer the case. Today’s Group Homes serve as treatment centers or therapeutic programs that provide troubled teens with the opportunity to make the behavioral and emotional changes necessary to succeed in life.

TTS utilizes a variety of therapeutic approaches to help teen girls overcome their mental health and/or addiction issues that are hindering their success. These methods include individual, experiential, animal assisted, family systems, and strategic therapy. We also focus on cognitive restructuring, behavior modification, spiritual activities, exercise, the use of a daily routine, and much more.

Trinity Teen Solutions Believes in a Therapeutic Approach

Although TTS may be located outside the state of California, we are proud to accept troubled girls from every area of the country. Most teens thrive in an environment where their past negative influences have been eliminated. This allows them to focus on their recovery and learning to function in a real world family setting that makes their transition home much easier and smoother.

For the parents of troubled teen girls, the professional consultants at Trinity Teen Solutions are currently available to provide assistance and guidance. Call (855) 631-4424 today!

Girls Group Homes with Academics

For troubled teen girls struggling with mental health or substance abuse issues, a group home may provide the structure and skills they need to succeed during recovery. Trinity Teen Solutions - Adolescent girl in recovery at boarding schoolIn fact, numerous studies have confirmed that living in a group home improves a teen’s behavioral and social skills, as well as helps them become more productive in their everyday lives [5].

Trinity Teen Solutions (TTS) is an All-girls Christian-based Residential Treatment Facility and Boarding School that offers programs designed to help troubled teen girls who have lost their way. Our programs combine equine assisted psychotherapy, animal therapy, and family systems therapy to help teens build desired character traits, while coming to terms with their issues, healing fractured family relationships, and forming the support system they need for long-term improvement and success.

Trinity is Committed to Helping Troubled Teen Girls

While at TTS, teens continue their education through a unique academic program that incorporates experimental education, environmental education, adventure education, and independent book study. After tapping into a teen’s preferred style of learning, we combine a customized curriculum with small class sizes and individual attention to help them achieve academic success. TTS relies on a nationally accredited independent study course.

Character education is also an important component of the Trinity Teen program. These classes help troubled teen girls learn important character traits, including self-discipline, respect, honesty, forgiveness, obedience, and more.

The experienced consultants at Trinity Teen Solutions are currently available to provide assistance and guidance for the parents of struggling teen girls. Call (855) 631-4424 today!


National Resources for Parents and Teens:

Psychology Today - Psychology Today is a magazine whose sole purpose is to help individuals learn more about themselves. They invite psychologists, psychiatrists, academics, and authors in the field of psychology to discuss their insights on what makes humans behave in the way that they do. Their articles also discuss Therapy, Addiction, Child Development, and Depression.

California State Parent Resources:

California Hospital Association (CHA) - Established in 1992, the Center for Behavioral Health emphasizes the importance of chemical dependency and mental health services and programs in California’s hospital and healthcare alliance. Members of the center include CHA members that provide mental health and/or chemical dependency services.

California Department of Health Care Services - DHCS affords Californians with a way to affordable, high-quality health care, including medical, dental, mental health, substance abuse disorder treatment services, as well as long-term care.

Parental Advice:

If you don't get the response you want to your peace offerings towards your child, step back and watch how you initiate.  Are you inviting a positive response?  Kids have a lot on their minds, not to mention that by the time they’re tweens they’re swamped with hormones, and checking themselves out in every mirror they pass. Parents can be pretty low on their list of importance.

Teens who aren't punished, but are instead lovingly guided to make restitutions and solve problems, are earlier to develop internal discipline and a strong moral sense, which helps your teen to have the ability to make the hard choices to do what's right, regardless of what their friends are doing.

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Trinity Teen Solutions is dedicated to providing balanced, healthy activity. From equine therapy to focus on academics and college preparatory courses, Trinity Teen Solutions levels a home-like atmosphere at teenage girls who are at risk, and helps them overcome mental and body issues naturally, through work they can be proud of all the activities they enjoy.   Today's Media Portrays An Unrealistic Body Image The body image of a

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If you are one mentally tough chick, you should work at Trinity. If you suffer from mental illness, you’ll understand the deepest need for consistency and love. If you know someone who suffers, you will know it is not always easy to love them. You know if you are called to give your life to God to accomplish spiritual works of mercy. Mission Work is often thought of as corporal works of mercy: To feed the hungry; give drink to the

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