Group Homes for Troubled Girls in California

Trinity Teen Solutions is a Christian based, therapeutic treatment program that serves struggling teenage girls from California. We are much more than just a group home. We believe in healing, not just preaching.

Our Christian program provides nurturing environments and intensive programs that are integrated and designed to be therapeutic in purpose, while presenting daily opportunities for spiritual growth. Girls learn new ways to cope withtheir struggles, while also learing to look outside of themselves and show compassion for others.

Please call 855-831-4424 to speak with a professional and learn of the opportunities that are available for your daughter.

Group Therapy Programs for Teens

Trinity Teen Solutions - Group of girls staying soberTrinity Teen Solutions helps teenage girls grow through our Christian-focused healing program. We are uniquely equipped for assisting teenage girls in learning qualities of leadership, responsibility and integrity. We provide individualized programs of academic study which are custom-made to meet the needs of each student, along with daily opportunities for spiritual growth and development. OUr staff at Trinity Teen Solutions is dedicated to helping girls from all backgrounds make successful transitions from adolescence to adulthood, in a manner that is both physical and spiritual.

Common Issues of Troubled Girls

  • Self-harm
  • RAD
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Learning disabilities
  • PTSD
  • Depression
  • Substance abuse
  • Eating disorders
  • Sadness

If your daughter would benefit from the services available at Trinity Teen Solutions, please contact our caring Family Advocates by calling 855-631-4424.

California State Parent Resources:

California Hospital Association (CHA) - Established in 1992, the Center for Behavioral Health emphasizes the importance of chemical dependency and mental health services and programs in California’s hospital and healthcare alliance. Members of the center include CHA members that provide mental health and/or chemical dependency services.

California Department of Health Care Services - DHCS affords Californians with a way to affordable, high-quality health care, including medical, dental, mental health, substance abuse disorder treatment services, as well as long-term care.

Parental Advice:

If you don't get the response you want to your peace offerings towards your child, step back and watch how you initiate.  Are you inviting a positive response?  Kids have a lot on their minds, not to mention that by the time they’re tweens they’re swamped with hormones, and checking themselves out in every mirror they pass. Parents can be pretty low on their list of importance.

Teens who aren't punished, but are instead lovingly guided to make restitutions and solve problems, are earlier to develop internal discipline and a strong moral sense, which helps your teen to have the ability to make the hard choices to do what's right, regardless of what their friends are doing.

Education Hub

  Many young adults in our society today are plagued by mental disorders, one of the most common disorders that adolescents suffer from ADD or ADHD issues. Short for attention deficit disorder, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, affects the lives of many troubled teens. Yet parents need not to worry, you are not alone in your struggle to help your child. Trinity Teen Solutions will be a

  By: Angie Woodward Only bad kids get kicked out of school. This statement often amuses me, as there seems to be a surplus of parents who think their kids are incapable of wrong-doing. "Gasp! Oh no, not MY child!" often comes from their mouths. They will assert that their child is the epitome of goodness, and it is because of their perfect parenting. Studies suggest that 96 percent of the mothers and fathers in this country thi

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