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Trinity Teen Solutions - Adolescent girl struggling with substance abuseTrinity Teen Solutions is an All-Girls Boarding School and Residential Treatment Facility, founded on Christian principles, helping troubled teen girls from Louisiana on the path to recovery. In addition to treatment and recovery care, Trinity Teen Solutions (TTS) also offers all the benefits of a traditional small Boarding School to girls, providing all of the necessary classes to qualify for graduation. In this way, teen girls from Louisiana won't be set back academically while they work on the issues that are negatively impacting their lives.

While there's a chance that TTS is located outside of Louisiana, troubled teen girls from across the country are welcome to attend. Many teen girls find that in attending a boarding school for girls so far from home, that the distance allows them to focus better on, and work towards their recovery, as the people and situations that helped perpetuate their problems are no longer around to distract them.

With strong Catholic principles that echo the message of forgiveness and God's love, embraces troubled teen girls and encourages them to actualize their strength. Through a wide variety of effective treatment therapies, troubled teen girls are nurtured and supported throughout the recovery process. This allows them to tackle such issues as academic failure, sexual promiscuity, depression, substance abuse, and addiction.

At the same time, teen girls from Louisiana will be able to keep up academically, taking all the necessary classes to allow them to graduate from high school. TTS focuses on experiential education, so much learning takes place outside, allowing teens to better absorb and recall what they are learning. Their education is also supplemented with character, helping troubled teen girls to improve themselves and learn important values that will carry them through the recovery process and keep them on the right track once they return home.

Trinity Teen Solutions has qualified consultants ready to answer any questions about their Boarding School for girls, their myriad therapies and treatment approaches, as well as to guide parents through the admissions process for their daughter. Call (855) 631-4424 to get started.

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There are numerous benefits for troubled teen girls from Louisiana when attending Trinity Teen Solutions (TTS). This Boarding School is just for girls which, in itself, provides an important part of the healing process for troubled teens recovering from addiction, mental health and behavioral issues, and academic issues, for example.

Trinity Teen Solutions - Troubled teenage girl studying at boarding school for youthIn a traditional co-ed high school, 90% of teen girls are subjected to some form of sexual harassment. This harassment can serve to exasperate an already tenuous situation for a teen girl who finds herself caught in a whirlwind of stress and pressure, and the consequences of bad choices and a rebellious attitude. This harassment and the presence of non-harassing boys can also serve as a distraction, drawing away focus that should be applied to academics and preparing for college. But, none of this is a problem for teen girls at TTS.

While teen girls from Louisiana tackle their issues with the support of the trained therapists, they will also take all of the classes necessary to ensure they can graduate from high school. TTS is nationally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU), the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools (NAAS), and even the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC). This means that any credits received while attending this All Girls Christian Boarding School are ordinarily transferable to their original high school, as well as the college of their choice.

Commitment to a holistic approach that encourages the growth of troubled teen girls in all aspects of their life, while focusing on God's love and eternal forgiveness is part of the foundation for treatment at Trinity Teen Solutions. This approach, recognizing that healing must happen not just on the physical level, but on the mental and soul levels, is what contributes to the success they have in helping troubled teen girls from Louisiana move forward in life, stronger, wiser, and filled with God's grace.

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As one of the few All Girls Boarding Schools with a strong Christian focus, Trinity Teen Solutions (TTS) is committed to preparing troubled teen girls from Louisiana with all of the skills necessary for them to lead happy and successful lives as adults. They don't need to be defined by their troubles nor the problems that are facing them right now. It doesn't matter if they've made one or a hundred mistakes, there is still a bright future waiting for them, and TTS will help them realize this.

Trinity Teen Solutions - Adolescent female in recovery at boarding schoolTTS believes that a one-size-fits-all model rarely works, and especially not when it comes to treatment and recovery. This is why they utilize individual treatment plans, recognizing the inherent uniqueness in every teen girl and their struggle. Each girl's treatment plan is different, and will consist of a number of activities, spiritual exercises, fellowship opportunities, as well as chores and responsibilities. Teen girls from Louisiana may find themselves taking part in animal therapy, wilderness therapy, and experiential therapy.

As a family style, residential treatment program, TTS offers all the benefits of a standard Residential Treatments Center, including medication monitoring and administration, yet exceeds them in a dedication to help every teen girl be better than they are now and to help them to learn God's purpose for them. Heavy focus is placed upon hands-on learning, as this method enables deeper learning and better serves to create the change that is the facilitator for lasting recovery.

An administrator or therapist is available to answer any questions about Trinity Teen Solutions' treatment program, as well as to coach parents on the treatment options available for their daughter. Call (855) 631-4424 today.


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